So, I finally got around to upgrading WordPress and setting up a proper theme. I still want to customize it a bit, but it’s fine for now.

I’ve recently started playing with XNA Game Studio, and I’m really impressed with what Microsoft has pulled off with this framework. I found a starter-kit for a platformer, and I was up and running, making new content and features in less than 45 mins. It’s been a long time since I last worked with C#, and I found it refreshing to get back to it.  I’ll try to do some posts on it later on.

I’ve been dormant for quite some time, mainly due to a major project going on at work. This week I’m starting my vacation, and its time to get back to all things fun. Today I got offered a spot on the Prado Developer Team, which I hope will prove to be both a challenge and a great opportunity to improve my knowledge on both the framework and PHP.

As a part-time project I’ve started building a multi-touch display surface inspired by Microsoft Surface. I’ve completed a *very* basic edition (tutorial here, and I’ve just started planning a more complicated setup along the lines of this project.

I’ll do some posts on the process as soon as I get some pictures.

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Mar 202008

Jonathan Street has posted an article called Is PHP good enough for science? where he asks if anyone has experience with PHP in scientific contexts. I think PHP easily could be used to automate tasks, but I’m not aware of any toolkits or frameworks created for this purpose. Anyone seen anything like this around? If so, drop him a line.


Mar 182008

Hia there. I’ve now moved my old blog to a self-hosted domain. This was mainly done to be free of the constraints that the wordpress hosting lays on you. As you might have noticed I’m experimenting with Google Adsense on various parts of the site. I’m sticking to text-only ads, and I’m trying to make them as non-intrusive as possible. If anyone has feedback or comments on this, I’d really like to hear from you.

Also, all code is now syntax highlighted :)