My name is Eirik Hoem, and I’m a software developer based in Oslo, Norway. I’m currently employed as Lead Programmer with Warm Systems AS (developing sukker.no), working mainly with PHP, JS and HTML.

See my CV page and LinkedIn profile for additional information. I’m currently NOT interested in career opportunities.

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  1. Hi, not sure is it wordpress or some plugin you use but google does not seem to crawl links properly from your site. It shows as myurl’ rel=external’ so not only it shows it wrong in my analytics account but can not find pages as related – gets 404 on my site ;- )

    I guess its not a big deal but could be nice to have links actually working.

    Any way thanks a million and all the best


  2. dera eirik,

    can you helping me how to intregated PHPExcel with PRADO Framework??

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