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Contest is now over! Stay tuned for winners!

Want a chance to win the PHP 5 Social Networking book from Packt Publishing? Three copies are up for grabs in after a 14 day contest.

How to Enter

All you have to do is comment on why you’d like a copy of the book in the comments.  You can take a look at the book’s page at Packt for inspiration and additional information.

During, this contest, we’ll work with tokens. The more tokens you have, the greater your chance is of winning the a copy of the book. Leaving the answer in the comment field will provide you with one token, and tweeting about this giveaway will provide one. If you do both, we’ll give you not two, but three tokens. If you tweet about it, please link the tweet in the comment! My tweet is available here!


The deadline for participating is March 10th, 2011. Any entries after that date will be discarded. Three winners will be picked at random, and announced shortly after the contest ends. Good luck!

15 Responses to “Win a PHP 5 Social Networking book from Packt Publishing”

  1. I am first to enter. Any chance for extra tokens?

  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Planet PHP, geekbay rss and Planet PHP, Sven Kabitzki. Sven Kabitzki said: RT @planetphp: Win a PHP 5 Social Networking book from Packt Publishing – Eirik Hoem [...]

  3. Oh, shit! I’ve received it from Amazon yesterday! I’d like a copy of it so much that I’ve bought it yet :D

  4. Because I need the book :-)

  5. I’d like to have this book because:
    All PACKT books are great!
    I still need more exposure to good practical examples in pure PHP (I work with Zend Framework)
    I became php programmer to be able to create social networking sites so this book would help me a lot to fulfill this dream!

  6. I commute 3 hours every day.. and it would be a great book to read at the bus, train and subway. My work also relates to the topic – Social Networking.

    I might even write a book review.. but then again, I’d have to create a blog.. :p

  7. I would like a copy of this book to help with a few upcoming projects. I am currently working with two separate systems written in perl. We plan to create a more seamless user experience in the near future. The implementation of that experience may very well be done in PHP as perl developers are hard to find these days. Social networking features certainly going to be a part of that blended experience and this book will help to ensure we get the most from our efforts.

    If the book helps us get to where we need to go, we’d buy a few extra copies for the dev team.

  8. I would like to win to win the book so I can work on this new idea around social networking that I have.

  9. I’d like to win a copy of the book, because it seems to be a great source of inspiration. Further is the topic really exciting and every alternative to facebook makes the web more interesting.

    Besides that, I could write a review ;)

  10. I’m just in the process of learning PHP and the more books I can get my hands on on the subject, the happier I will be!

    Now, if only I had a cell phone. But I don’t. So no tweeting.

  11. I want this book because I need more practice with php

  12. I would like the copy of this book, because i have great ideas for social mini-projects and i foresee this book will help me to escape many common mistakes and share the writer’s experience with me.
    I also left tweet about this giveaway!/jdjohnatan/status/42927013861928960

  13. I would like a copy of this book because it would not only allow me to hone my PHP skills, but also get hands-on with social networking and registries, as well as the correct implementation of the MVC design pattern.

    The tweet can be found at:!/barrowjoe/status/44131350009229312

  14. I would like to obtain a copy of the book because I am serious about developing a social network. My goal is to build a site that uses technology and a wealth of options to bring people closer together so that they can maximize their experience in networking. Here is my tweet:!/vincentc927

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