Heads up! New book from Packt Publishing called PHP 5 Social Networking!

I just received a copy of PHP 5 Social Networking in eBook format, and plan on getting started reading it this week. The book looks really interesting, and closely matches my daily work as I’m now doing social networks on a full-time basis.

PHP 5 Social Networking cover
This book will demonstrate how to create, maintain, and extend a powerful social network site. It shows how to create your own flexible social networking framework, allowing users to sign up, customize their profile, befriend other users, share information, communicate, interact with one another, and much more.

You can check out the sample chapter Public and Private Messages right now.

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  1. Eirik Hoem Thanks for your review.. see i bought book too and also being reading it . but i also downloaded the coded from their website and try to test the site.. seems am not getting something right i guess.. because the home page comes on and when i click anything it tells me not found on server.did every pin on sql and config folder. i hope we can discuss on this and help me fix the puzzle.. here is my personal email. i would be glad if you would help me.. Thanks in advance.
    email: ogbe_joseph@cic-cairo.com

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