I have been reviewing some books from  Packt Publishing lately, and I’m now expecting a copy of PHP 5 E-commerce Development in a few days.  I have been looking forward to for a while, as I will be working on a similar project in the near future. Here is the lowdown:

Php 5 eCommerce Development Book Cover

Php 5 eCommerce Development Book Cover

This book will show you how to create your own PHP framework that can be extended and used with ease, particularly for e-commerce sites. Using this framework you will be able to display and manage products, customize products, create wish-lists, make recommendations to customers based on previous purchases, send email notifications when certain products are in stock, rate the products online, and much more.

You can check out the sample chapter Enhancing the User Experience now.

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  2. I took a closer look at the sample chapter and there’s one thing i know for sure now – I won’t buy it! If you really want run your own e-commerce site you should think about using magento or any other open source solution instead of reading this book and wasting your time. The author should have read about design pattern first and should think about the phrase “skinny controller, fat model” again. Sorry, but I don’t think the book is gonna worth its money.

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  4. Daniel, thanks for the comment!

    I have not reviewed the book yet, so I do not know how it will turn out. I totally agree that using Magento or a similar solution would be the most efficient approach for getting an e-commerce site up and running. My interest in this book is not to launch a e-commerce site, but get a deeper understanding of what’s actually involved in planning and executing implementation of such a system. With a deeper knowledge of systems like this one can easier assess if a new project should be something home-brewed, or if it can be implemented with Magento or something similar. Also, someone needs to create the solutions like Magento, and they need to start somewhere? :)

    I will discuss this more in my review.

  5. I wasted lots of money on buying books too that never came handy, I learned go to a bookstore and read three chapters if you like it, then buy. But if this is going to talk about implementing site search and how to implement a secure transaction, then i will get it.

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  7. Don’t buy the book for the code. There are so many errors and bad explanations. I hate it when I buy a book with code that don’t function at once. This is really bad. Pedagogically it is best to build code step by step that function like in extreme programming.

    I can mention at least one book that is many times better and where the code I have tested compiles fine on php 6.0.0 Dev


    That book is also good on Unicode and developing multilingual sites.

    Peacock’s book may be worth the money if you are interested in the text.

    Capter 2 may frighten some people and it should have come later. Seems that too many authors copy and paste code without good explanations.

    Also better:


    but with some errors. It claim to be PHP 6, but some code I tested functioned fine on PHP 5.2.9 but not on PHP 6.0.0 dev like Larry Ullman’s book mentioned above did.

    It is good on object overloading and object relational mapping though.

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