I’ve been dormant for quite some time, mainly due to a major project going on at work. This week I’m starting my vacation, and its time to get back to all things fun. Today I got offered a spot on the Prado Developer Team, which I hope will prove to be both a challenge and a great opportunity to improve my knowledge on both the framework and PHP.

As a part-time project I’ve started building a multi-touch display surface inspired by Microsoft Surface. I’ve completed a *very* basic edition (tutorial here, and I’ve just started planning a more complicated setup along the lines of this project.

I’ll do some posts on the process as soon as I get some pictures.

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2 Responses to “Getting back to business!”

  1. I keep hearing Microsoft Surface is looking to change the way we live. I wonder what kind of response it will get from the public?
    Management Consultant
    George S May

  2. I think the current devices Microsoft is working on is far too expensive for residential customers, but I’m sure someone will step up and try grabbing a piece of the cake. With the launch of Windows 7 the support for multitouch has been vastly improved, so it’s very interesting times indeed!

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