I’ve been working on a community tutorial project for a while now. The current “release” is available here. The idea is to create a framework on top of Prado that consists of a set of interfaces, classes, components and services. With this framework people should be able to create services like Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Online News etc with very little development time.

The main features:
* User management with permissions
* Forum
* Ads management
* Guest books
* Messages between users
* Blog / notes
* Social relations between users
* Themes and localization
* Media albums (music, movies, music)
* File uploads

The current state of the project is that I’ve pretty much set up the user system and the basics like messages and blogs. I’ll be pretty busy with work for the next month, but I also have a project which I need this framework for.. So I’ll try to get some hours each weekend to work on this. I’d really like some comments and suggestions, so feel free to email me or send me a private message on the Prado forums. My user name is eirikhm.

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